Taking note of various commands and shortcuts for the tools I use.

Windows terminal

My favorite feature of the Windows terminal is the panes. Splitting the working area into many small terminals is very useful, especially with containerized systems. I've added 2 custom shortcuts to be able to split panes in all 4 directions easily.

  • alt + shift + plus - split pane to the right
  • alt + shift + ctrl + plus - split pane to the left (custom)
  • alt + shift + minus - split pane down
  • alt + shift + ctrl + minus - split pane up (custom)
  • alt + arrow keys - navigate between panes
  • alt + shift + arrow keys - resize the currently selected pane
  • ctrl + shift + w - close the current pane
  • ctrl + shift + p - see all shortcuts


I'll start with just adding random Docker commands I'm encountering. Later I may organize it into sections.

  • docker ps - list currently running containers
  • docker ps -a - list all containers
  • docker rm -f [container id or name] - stop and remove a container
  • docker compose up --build - build and run all the specified containers
  • docker container prune - remove all stopped containers


  • git tag -a [tag name] -m "[tag message]" - create an annotated tag
  • git push --follow-tags - push annotated tags that are reachable from pushed commits
  • git checkout [tag name] - checkout the commit connected with a tag. This operation puts the repository in a detached HEAD state because we checked out a commit and not a branch
  • git switch - - switches back to the previous branch. Useful to "undo" the checkout of the specific tag


confluentinc/cp-kafka container has a bunch of Kafka utilities preinstalled. Here are a few I've encountered so far.

  • kafka-topics --list --bootstrap-server localhost:9092 - list all the topics available on the broker
  • kafka-console-consumer --bootstrap-server localhost:9092 --topic [topic name] --from-beginning - read all the messages available on the topic