Intro to senseless events

A few made-up questions from a potential reader

Who are you?

I am a software developer with experience in .NET, SQL, APIs, and to a lesser extent JavaScript and TypeScript. Recently I've started studying concepts and technologies related to distributed systems, containerization, event processing, event streaming, and NoSQL, and decided to document my studying in this form.

Why are you writing?

Six years ago I was at a big web development conference, watching amazing talks and presentations by the big names of the industry. Despite all the fancy things I saw, the most memorable talk was the one that focused on us, the audience.

The main message of the talk was that more people should become speakers and share their experiences, especially while they are on the journey of learning something. The talk also mentioned other ways of giving back to the community, for example by writing.

At that moment, I thought it would be a good time to start writing a blog, but I haven't.

Now I'd like to correct that.

What are senseless events?

The idea is to build a system that captures the user's mouse position and generates a series of events that are then processed based on made-up business rules, stored in different ways, used to generate useless reports, visualized by different tools, etc. These events don't make any sense, but the system is kinda interactive and simple to reason about, so I can focus on building the infrastructure and playing with various concepts and technologies.

Why should I care?

I intend to write a bunch of small articles on all the topics I will encounter while working on this system, be it Kafka, Kubernetes, Docker, Git, VSCode, Vue, or any other concept, technology, or tool that I will learn about along the way. Writing will help me deepen my understanding, have a reference to the material for later, and hopefully, it can help other people learn about the same topics.

Most of the articles should be related to each other and to the system I'm building, so I hope it will be interesting to read about.

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